We received a note from a happy customer. This is what we strive for! Have a read:

   “As a small business owner, one of my greatest challenges has been finding a commercial location that is the right fit. Throughout the past four years, I have tirelessly gone from place to place in efforts of finding a space that truly suited my business. Last year, I unexpectedly came across a location that felt right and I went through the strenuous leasing process on my own. When you're working alone, looking through a commercial lease agreement is like trying to read a foreign language. Needless to say, it was not easy. 

     I met Alex from Miami Realty Consortium and mentioned my commercial lease was coming to an end. As soon as I mentioned it, Alex volunteered to help me through it. He looked through the proposed agreement and explained every section to me in detail. I would’ve been happy with just that but he took it a step further and showed me properties in the area, explained the market, and made recommendations that truly benefited my business. He was patient, kind, and so knowledgeable. The ease in which he went through the process can only come from an expert in the field. 

    Thank you Alex and Miami Realty Consortium for helping my business and looking out for its wellbeing. Rest assured, I won’t be going anywhere else!”


                                                         -Lily Savinon

                                                         Founder of LD Creative