We sat with Alex Rodriguez learn more about what he does and why his clients are so successful. Check out the quick interview below: 


Q: We know you’re a Real Estate Broker, do you have a specialty within real estate? 

A: Yes, I specialize in Commercial Real Estate and have been doing these transactions for quite some time. Not only do I take care of commercial properties, I also take care of investment portfolios.


Q: Nice! Who is your ideal client? 


A: Companies that want to grow, sell or purchase their properties and investors that are looking to expand and diversify their portfolios.


Q: Any particularly complicated or unique transactions? 

A: All the time! A great example is a 1031 Exchange.  


Q: Can you tell us a bit more about how the 1031 Exchange works?

A: A 1031 Exchange is a tool the IRS provides [that is part of the tax code] and allows us to reinvest money to defer the taxes, which allows maximum buying power.


Q: Sounds great! Can you give us an example? 

A: Sure! Let’s say you paid $700,000-$800,000 for a commercial property years ago and now it’s worth 3 times as much. At that point, there’s a capital gain where you would have to pay 20%-30% in taxes. That situation is a great opportunity to employ the 1031 Exchange. We’d reinvest that money to purchase more properties, which will in turn expand your portfolio and will increase your bottom line long term. 


Q: So it’s a matter of taking the first step and being patient? 

A: Absolutely, real estate is a matter of time, time helps your real estate portfolio to grow in price and in size as long as you have a Commercial Real Estate Broker that will help you reinvest when the time is right. 


There you have it, for your Commercial Real Estate needs, contact Alex Rodriguez at 786-547-6494. He’ll help you find your ideal property and maximize your buying power!