Investing in commercial real estate is definitely a great idea! There are so many benefits in owning commercial properties but knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Here are some items that’ll get your gears turning to really narrow down what type of commercial investment is your best fit!


What is your type of business?

The nature of the industry, number of employees and customer base

What stage is your business in?

Are you growing, starting, downsizing or simply relocating?  

What type of investment would you like?

Apartment building, retail, warehouse, a warehouse with an office (flex space), a traditional office or land

What kind of return do you expect on your investment?

A short-term large return or a gradual but stable return

Are you looking for a building for yourself or to augment your income?

What do you want and what do you NEED?  


Now that we’ve narrowed it down, here are some tips of things you should take into account:


Location, size, price, fit (ceilings, doors, floors), parking, land to building ratio


Size of storefront/display area, warehouse to storefront ratio, location, price, fit, parking


Size, location, price, fit, parking, bathroom, kitchenette, reception area, conference room 


Foot traffic (walkability), accessibility, parking, lighted intersection, daily traffic count, location, demographic, target market, size, fit, price


Size, location, price, fit


I'd be glad to guide you through the intricacies of the buying commercial real estate process. You can click on the Buying menu item to get a glimpse of the process or simply give me a call. I'm always here to help!